Friday, March 15, 2019

Detective Activities

It's nearing the end of spring break here, so, in addition to spending time with my family, I've also been working on classroom resources. This post is short and to the point because I'm running short on time, but I had to share these new activities! I think you guys are going to love the latest addition to my TPT store: detective activities for letter and number recognition!

Letter and Number Detective Activities | Apples to Applique

First, I have a letter detective activity that helps students learn to identify both upper and lower case letters. They color in all the squares with the specified letter to reveal the hidden letter.

Letter Detective Activity | Apples to Applique

Next is the same concept, but with numbers! The number detective activity focuses on number recognition for numbers 0-20. Again, when they color in the correct squares, a hidden number is revealed. It makes checking work easy, and it's super fun for the kids.

Number Detective Activity | Apples to Applique

These activities are part of my new Kindergarten Morning Work for the ENTIRE school year, or you can get them individually here:
Letter Detective Activity
Number Detective Activity

I hope you enjoy!

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