Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Completed Nursery!

Our little girl's nursery is finally complete, with exactly 2 weeks until her due date! This isn't my typical tutorial-style post; I just couldn't resist showing off her little room. There are, however, links throughout the post to the various tutorials I wrote while putting this room together.
There are also many things that we made/updated in this nursery that there are no tutorials for, such as repainting and recovering old furniture. If it's not something that I consider being in my area of expertise, I didn't write a tutorial. I may be able to figure out how to do something, but unless I'm sure I'm doing it the right/most efficient way, I won't share my figuring-out process. There are probably tutorials out there by people who actually know what they're doing. :)

Hubby and I both love Vincent Van Gogh, especially "Starry Night"; this became the inspiration for the nursery.

See this gorgeous crib? My husband completely made the whole thing. It's the most beautiful crib I have ever seen, and so special for our daughter that her daddy handcrafted it for her. He also made the frames for "Starry Night" and "First Steps". It's such a blessing to have a handy husband. :)

**Update 08-08-13: I realized I didn't explain about the paintings! No, we did not pay a bazillion dollars to have these huge frames made. We had the posters, and had gotten some quotes on having them framed professionally--YIKES!!! We're talking hundreds of dollars for each one! We ended up using Mod Podge to attach the posters to a thin board, and then put another coat of Mod Podge on top instead of using glass. The finish looks pretty cool, actually. Even if you do not have a husband who can make picture frames, anyone can Mod Podge a poster to a board, and, really, it could be hung up like that, without a frame. You might want to practice first with a cheap poster you don't care about; I ended up getting a few wrinkles in these because it's difficult to maneuver such a large poster while keeping it straight, and adjusting everything before the glue starts to set. Although, once it has dried you can't see the wrinkles too badly. Anyway, a little practice will make it easier (and posters that aren't ridiculously huge like our copy of "Starry Night" are easier, too). Art on the cheap!**

I made the quilt; no tutorial for that--even though I sew, I am NOT a quilter, and I'm pretty sure I did things "incorrectly", so I didn't want to steer anyone wrong with my directions--ha! I also made the fitted crib sheets, which were surprisingly quick and easy.

Here's her changing table, which started out black and now is repainted to a refreshing white. It's amazing how a random mix of furniture collected from here, there, and everywhere can be made to look like it belongs together with a little updating.

My favorite part of this corner of the room:

These canvases. For some reason my picture doesn't look very clear; I'm not a photographer, either, as people who have followed my blog may have noticed. :) Anyway, this picture does not do them justice, but these lovely canvases were custom designed for our little girl by Rich in Blessings Photography. Traci took our nursery colors and some favorite quotes/Scripture verses and turned them into lovely artwork, made all the more special because they were designed just for our daughter. Traci does awesome custom work, but she also has dozens of adorable prints ready to order; click the link to view her gallery.

This corner houses the one window in the room, for which I made the curtains, valence, and tie-backs. I love how they turned out, and how they match the sheets and quilt.

**Update 08-08-13: We've added another piece of art to the wall, and I just have to show you all. It's in the corner pictured above, between the door and the window. It was a gift from Nicole at Nouvelle Mere. She has lots of beautiful artwork, and also does custom designs.**

Continuing around the room is the dresser with Van Gogh's "Mulberry Tree".

I need to find something cutesy to set on the dresser--maybe some picture frames or something. We'll see.

The next wall features Van Gogh's "First Steps"--what a perfect picture for a nursery!

We painted and reupholstered the glider, but as it was my first attempt at reupholstery, I did not make a tutorial. I got the job done, but probably incorrectly. However, it looks a million times better than it used to!

Also on this wall is the bow and headband holder, which I did make a tutorial for.

So there you have it; our nursery is finally complete and ready for its inhabitant, who can arrive any day now!