Monday, August 12, 2013

Spoiling the Hospital Staff

About a week before Baby Girl was born, Hubby and I got the idea to bake some goodies to treat the hospital staff that would be taking care of us. After all, being a doctor or nurse is hard work, and patients can be a little demanding. As a teacher, I know how little tokens of appreciation can go a long way to brighten someone's day.

I decided to make a double batch of my favorite chocolate chip cookies, the original Nestle Toll House recipe (except I omitted the nuts, in case of allergies). I had the time; I was off work, school having ended the week before, and the nursery was completed, so I was just waiting for Baby to make her appearance.

A hundred cookies later, I was ready to make them into individual little packages. I put two cookies each into sandwich baggies (the fold-top kind) and tied them with pink curling ribbon, attaching these tags I made on the computer:

I also printed up the following little sign to set with the cookies:

I stopped by my local Dollar Tree to buy a couple of baskets and hand towels to make a pretty little display.

It looks cute, and was inexpensive. So much so, in fact, that I didn't have to try to remember to bring the basket or towel home, because I didn't care about either one.

I made up two baskets, and then put them both in the freezer--towel, sign, and all. The cookies stayed fresh, and when it was time to go to the hospital, they were already arranged in the basket. I just grabbed the baskets along with my hospital bag and walked waddled out the door. At the hospital, my husband put one basket at the nurse's station, and the other on the counter in our room.

Let me tell you: this was a big hit! We immediately became "the people with the cookies", which certainly didn't hurt our relationship with the hospital staff. Everyone we interacted with was excellent (before they knew there were cookies involved, ha!) and I truly wish we could have done more for them than just give them a little treat. However, they were very grateful, and we felt good getting to add a little pleasantness to their day.

Several people were surprised that I, at nine months pregnant, was able to bake cookies and put a little basket together. Even though I was off work at the time, I think more moms-to-be could do this pretty easily. The cookies don't have to be homemade; you could do this with any kind of candy or treat. Plus, as I mentioned above, (and this is the big one): I did it ahead of time. I picked a day I had time, put the baskets together, and then put them in the freezer. Done. If you didn't use homemade goodies, non-perishable items could be put together ahead of time and just set with the hospital bag. I guess the thing I'm trying to get across is that it really wasn't that much of a time commitment, and the little bit of effort was worth it.

We were blessed with an easy labor and delivery, and our stay at the hospital was as enjoyable as a hospital stay can be. The doctors, nurses, custodians, technicians, etc., were all wonderful, and it was nice to have a little something to say "thank you". I think it's important to show gratitude and kindness to people, especially those who are often taken for granted. What better way to spread God's love?

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