Friday, January 6, 2012

There's "Snow" Better Time...

Time to update my bulletin board again! I actually did this before Christmas break, but I have been out of town since, hence, no blogging.

I change my bulletin board so often, and they can be very time consuming to put together, so I wanted to share with you all a system I have come up with. This has been very helpful for me so that I can spend an odd fifteen minutes after school working on the board and put it all away without having a half-finished board hanging around.

First, I cut a piece of background paper large enough to cover my board. Mine is pretty big, so I actually glue two pieces together. (You could tape them and save time). Cutting it the size of the board is probably the most difficult part, even though it's not that hard.

I lay the paper out on the table and add whatever diecuts I have ready that day and glue them on. (Again, tape would be fine. I'm just a fan of glue because then I have a nice finish). I leave it out for a few minutes to dry--or overnight, if I'm working on it at the end of the day--and then just roll the whole thing up and stick it in a cabinet.

Ta-da! It's out of sight and out of mind until you have a few minutes to work on it again. I usually start a new board two or three weeks before I will need it, which gives me plenty of time to put together a fabulous board without having to stay two or three hours after school to do it. Just five minutes here and ten minutes there has it done in plenty of time. Right before I left on Christmas break, I just unrolled my already-finished January display and stuck it up on my board. Finished. No stressing over getting the holiday decorations changed before the visit from district the first week back. This is so simple, I'm surprised I haven't heard of other teachers doing it before.

And here is that January board I've been referring to:

I know you can't tell in the picture, but the chunks of ice the penguins are floating on are white book diecuts, and each one has the name of a children's winter book written on it. This was probably one of my simplest boards to put together, but I like it.

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