Thursday, July 1, 2021

Phonemic Awareness Task Cards with Elkonin Boxes

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I spend so much of every summer learning and planning for the next year, reflecting on what has gone well and where I have room for improvement. While I try to improve in lots of areas, I usually pick one area to focus on more intently. Last year, my focus was on small groups, which was greatly aided by this small group system.

This year, I am focused on improving reading instruction and have been learning about the science of reading. It is fascinating stuff, and it is astounding how many of the things we were taught as teachers do not actually align with how research shows children learn to read. As I learn, I am working on creating and updating resources to better reflect these principles--after all, when we know better, we do better. 

These photo storage boxes are just the right size for these task cards!

One of the products I've revamped is my phonemic awareness task cards. The idea of phonemic awareness is one with which I was already familiar, and something I have long implemented in my classroom. I was glad (read: relieved) to hear teaching phonemic awareness is aligned with the science of reading. The touch points I have been using with my students, one per sound, are exactly in line with the phonemic awareness principles of SOR. 


While the basic premise of the task cards remains the same, the update now includes Elkonin boxes on the back of each card with the answer. This seemingly small change makes a world of difference in helping students associate the sounds in the word with the graphemes representing those sounds.

Each set of phonics cards still has a fun tracking system, where students earn pictures to place on their scene as they master each new skill. This mastery focus is also aligned with the science of reading, as each student moves at his or her own pace and does not move forward until he or she is ready.

I hope these task cards are helpful for you and your learners! You can find individual skills here in my store, or buy the bundle here to save!

Keep teaching with knowledge and passion!

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