Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Calculate It! Number Talks FREEBIE

Calculate It! Number Talks FREEBIE | Apples to Applique
    Back in February, I was working on finishing up and listing all of the number talks I had been using with my students, with a plan to get them polished up and bundled by spring break. Then, of course, COVID-19 changed things and I shifted my focus to distance learning.    
    I am so excited to say that all of my number talks are now finished! I am pumped to start next school year with an entire year's worth of number talks ready to go.

Calculate It! Number Talks FREEBIE | Apples to Applique

    I've already talked in previous posts about how amazing I think number talks are, and how they completely changed my math instruction. I love them, the kids love them, and I am constantly amazed at the amount of critical thinking my students display as they work through the various problems. My class this past year took ownership of their learning and pride in showing their strategies to their friends; they even got upset when number talks were finished for the day! If that isn't a ringing endorsement, I don't know what is. ;)

Calculate It! Number Talks FREEBIE | Apples to Applique

    I've listed each of my number talks separately so you can purchase one to cover a particular skill, and I also offer them all together as a money-saving bundle if you're ready to go all-in. However, I wanted you to have the chance to experience number talks and see if they're a good fit for your classroom and teaching style before purchasing, so I've listed a sample pack as a FREEBIE! This sample includes 2 slides from each of my 12 number talks, for a total of 24 FREE number talks! Just like with the full version, the freebie includes a version for both PowerPoint and Google Slides™.

    I'm confident that your students will love Calculate It! Number Talks as much as mine do, and I'm excited for you to experience how engaging and rigorous number talks can be! Get the free sample here, and then please come leave some feedback to tell me how it went in your classroom!
    Keep teaching with heart and passion,


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