Friday, October 6, 2017

Reminder Wristbands for Every Occasion

Does anyone else have trouble with parents missing out on important information because they forget to check the daily folder? I can't be the only one!

Reminder Wristbands for Every Occasion | Apples to Applique

I know how busy parents are; after all, I have kids of my own. I completely get it! So anything I can do to help parents out, I will. I've started using wristbands to give parents reminders. I had found some cute ones online to use, but they had curved edges to make them shaped like a watch--adorable, but I don't have time to cut out 40 of those for all of my students! So I decided to make my own, which you can find here. With several on a page, they don't use up a lot of paper, and they have straight edges so they can quickly be cut apart using a paper cutter. Less time spent on this kind of stuff = more time teaching.

Kids love wearing these wristbands! I had one student last year who wore his for 2 days, because he didn't want to take it off. They are a good visual tool for parents, especially when printed on neon paper (which of course I didn't have on hand when I was taking pictures). A bright wristband on your kid's arm catches your eye much better than a paper in a folder.
(Note: Of course, I still use the daily folder system for paperwork, behavior, and homework; this is just an extra aid.)

I offer wristbands for 16 occasions, in one convenient bundle:

Tomorrow is Picture Day
School Fundraiser is Starting
Fundraiser Money is Due
Send Field Trip Money
Send Lunch Money
Picture Money is Due
Sign and Return Paperwork
Sign and Return Permission Slip
Test Tomorrow
Parent Teacher Conferences
Field Day Tomorrow
Field Trip Tomorrow
Early Release Tomorrow
Return Library Books
Please Check Folder
Class Party Tomorrow

Here's to keeping on top of all the "little stuff" and improving communication with parents!

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