Saturday, September 9, 2017

Five Fall Activities for Early Childhood

It's mid-September, so that means it's time to break out the fall activities!

5 Fall Activities for Early Childhood | Apples to Applique

I have five activities for you today that are perfect for Early Childhood. The first 3 are sensory activities. We all know that kids love exploring the world for themselves, instead of just hearing about it. My sensory booklet series will give students a chance to record their observations in an age-appropriate way, using pictures to describe their findings. Guide students through sensory experiences with fall items! Simply cut and staple the pages together to create booklets for students to record what they see, smell, hear, feel, and taste (when appropriate) as they explore apples, pumpkins, and fall leaves.

Apple Sensory Booklet | Apples to Applique

Pumpkin Sensory Booklet | Apples to Applique

Fall Leaves Sensory Booklet | Apples to Applique

Pumpkin Investigation for Early Childhood | Apples to Applique

The next activity is the popular Pumpkin Investigation Activity. Unlike most common versions, mine has been tweaked to make it appropriate for Early Childhood--using cubes to measure, and without counting hundreds of seeds.  

No Prep Autumn Hats | Apples to Applique

This last activity is just for fun, although it does provide great fine motor practice! These darling Autumn Hats require zero prep--not even a sentence strip! Just print and have students color and cut. All you have to do is staple or tape them to fit on students' heads. It makes a wonderful culminating activity after some fall sensory experiences; students can use various colors to match what they saw in their observations.

What are some tried and true fall activities your students love?

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