Saturday, January 11, 2014

Free Valentine Contractions Printable

I have decided to start offering free printables/activities for teachers and homeschooling moms on a monthly basis. All my teacher-friends get excited! I know as a teacher, I LOVE free resources for my classroom; I can never get enough of them!

I'm starting with something easy. This month's free printable is a Valentine's Day-themed contraction activity. It's a simple activity students can complete on their own in those odd fifteen minutes before or after the Valentine's Day party when they need something to keep them busy.


I'm also including a blank template for those other genius ideas I'm sure are starting to bounce around in your teacher-brain. You know how it is, you see one activity, and suddenly your mind goes a million directions with extensions and different versions of it. :)

Suggestions on how to use this printable:
  • Have students color each matching heart and arrow the same color, then cut and paste
  • Make a file folder game
  • Give students copies of the blank template to fill in with other contractions they can think of
  • Have students fill in blank templates with other contractions and then trade papers with a friend to cut and paste

Right-click on the images to download. 

Please feel free to share and copy these printables. All I ask is that you credit Apples to Applique for the artwork and leave the copyright at the bottom of the page. Thank you!

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