Friday, December 6, 2013

Basil Garden Frittata

I have a lot of fresh produce on hand right now, which I love! Fresh produce is just so good--infinitely better than it's canned or frozen counterparts. It takes a little more effort in preparation, but the taste is worth it!

Today for lunch, rather than my usual sandwich-and-yogurt routine, I decided to throw together a frittata. I'm a fan of my Sweet Potato Frittata, but I decided to change it up this time, to use all of the produce I had that was calling my name. And unlike the other recipe, which is a hybrid frittata/quiche (quittata?) this is an actual frittata. :)

Warm, cheesy goodness. This thing is packed with fresh flavor, and is actually healthy, too! Double win!

*Scroll to the end of the post to download a printable version of the recipe*

You will need:

1/2 T butter
1 potato
8 stalks asparagus
1 Roma tomato (I love Roma tomatoes. They're my fave!)
4-5 fresh basil leaves
4 eggs
1/2 C shredded mozzarella
Salt & pepper to taste

You will also need an oven-safe skillet or pan for this recipe--something that does not have a plastic handle! I LOVE my pots and pans set, which were a wedding gift. They are stainless steel so I can scrub them with steel wool, and they are safe to stick in the oven or under the broiler.
This is the exact pan I used to make this recipe:

Melt the butter in your pan.
Chop up the potato into 1/4" cubes. You want them to be small so they cook through fairly quickly; unless you just want to wait a long time to eat. :)

Toss the potatoes in with the butter and let them start cooking. Cut the asparagus into 1" pieces, and then toss them in with the potatoes.

Give them a good stir, and continue to stir them every few minutes so they cook evenly.
Meanwhile, chop your tomato and your basil leaves into 1/2" pieces.

Beat eggs in a small mixing bowl.

Add tomato, basil, and mozzarella to eggs.

I actually used fresh mozzarella, because it's my favorite, but I got lazy after shredding about half of it, so I cubed the rest and tossed it in. You can see the delicious gooey chunks in some of the upcoming pictures.

Pour egg mixture into skillet with potatoes and asparagus. Give everything a good stir, then let it cook.

Continue cooking until the bottom is done and the top is just starting to set. This only takes a few minutes as the skillet is already hot.

Place the pan in the oven under the broiler. Broil until top is cooked and just starting to brown. I set my broiler on low, and it took about 10 minutes. Some broilers don't have various heat settings, and all ovens cook differently, so watch it carefully. It's easy to burn things under the broiler.

I like to eat my frittata while it's still hot; others prefer it at room temperature. Either way, cut yourself a slice and enjoy your fresh, tasty, healthy meal!

Right-click the image below to download a printable version of the recipe.


  1. yummo! This looks good too. I eat eggs all. the. time. and frittatas are great!

    1. Thanks, Beka! I don't eat much meat, so I eat a lot of eggs. I love frittatas because they have the tastiness of quiche without the bad-for-you crust.