Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bottle Cap Push Pins

This one is for my hubby. As I was creating the bottle cap push pins for my Inspiration Board, I started thinking about how cool it would be to make some push pins out of my husband's collection of bottle caps. I thought it would look awesome in his man cave or in the garage.

Note: if you don't have bottle caps, or don't feel like waiting and saving them up, you can get some cool ones here:

I dumped out all of the caps and sorted through them.

As I sorted them, I realized I had automatically made them into a bar graph, instead of just piling them together. Can we say "teacher's instinct"? :)

I decided to just use one of each type that he had, because I figured that would be enough push pins to get him started. I picked the ones that were the least dented and scratched up.
I glued pushpins to the back of the caps with hot glue. Such a quick little project. I was able to do this while also working on another project. While the embroidery designs were stitching out for my wall hanging, I was happily gluing away.

Ta-da! A nice manly way to display the bottle cap collection and serve a useful purpose.

My husband really likes it, too--although he said he may get rid of the pins from my "girly" drinks like Smirnoff, lol!

Note: while my bottle cap pins have held up fine so far, hubby has managed to break two of his already. I can quickly and easily re-glue them, but I'm planning to experiment with some different types of glue. I will probably try super glue and Gorilla glue and let you all know how it goes.

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