Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gobbling Up Colorful Tales

I was combing the internet for ideas for a Thanksgiving-themed bulletin board that had to do with reading, but wasn't coming up with much. Finally, I stumbled across a couple of links that got me thinking, and after combining a few ideas and adding in some ideas of my own I came up with this:

Sorry that the picture quality is not the best, but that's what happens when you don't have your camera with you and you use school equipment. :)

My students enjoy this display because they had a hand in creating it. For the last two weeks of October, every time they read a book, they got to write down the title of the book and their name on a book diecut. I told them the diecuts were going to be used in a display, but I didn't tell them exactly how. I stressed that these should be books they read on their own, not books that they "had" to read for school or that anyone read to them. They loved getting to write on the diecuts and know it was going to be posted in the classroom; I loved that they read over 80 books during those two weeks!

After Halloween, I put up the new display, with the books creating the tail of the turkey. The students were impressed and excited; even though it's been up for a few weeks now, they continue to come up and point out which books are theirs. I've even had several ask me if they can add another book to it now. Based on this positive reaction, this is definitely an idea I will reuse in the future!

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